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Food that is grown close by are considered?
a) natives b) biped c) local d) incognito
Someone who is important or noteworthy is?
a) significant b) recognize c) pedals d) nation
A person walking along the street is a?
a) native b) pedestrian c) local d) signature
What does the root ped mean?
a) born b) place c) mark d) foot
What does the root cogn mean?
a) place b) foot c) know d) mark
What does the root sign mean?
a) born b) mark c) know d) foot
What does the root nat mean?
a) born b) know c) place d) mark
What does the root loc mean?
a) foot b) born c) place d) mark
A place that is made up of people who were born in that country is called a
a) signal b) pedestrian c) location d) nation
This is to hide so that you are not known
a) dislocated b) incognito c) innate d) pedals
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