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How did Northern and Southern colonial economies differ?
a) Rice and indigo were grown in the North while tobacco was grown in the South b) The Northern economy depended on indentured servants and the Southern economy depended on slavery c) The North was heavily industrialized and the South was not d) The North developed a commerce-based economy, while the South developed an agricultural economy
Why did American colonists openly protest the Stamp Act?
a) because it required colonists to provide food, drink, and living quarters for British soliders b) because it required colonists to use the British postal system c) because it was the first time Parliament had taxed colonists directly d) because it forced colonists to buy sugar from the British West Indies
The African slave trade included a trip across the Atlantic Ocean, which was called the
a) French and Indian War b) Triangular Trade c) Third Passage d) Middle Passage
Which of the following was a weakness of the Articles of Confederation?
a) nine of thirteen states had to agree on any law making it difficult for Congress to enact policiies b) the central government could not establish an army or declare war c) no process existed to enable amendments to the AOC d) the central government could not coin money
The executive branch of government includes
a) the Senate and House of Representatives b) the Supreme Court and lower courts c) the president and the departments that help run the governmentt d) Congress
Why did the delegates to the Constitutional Convention include checks and balances in the Constitution?
a) to ensure a truly democratic system of government b) to ensure slavery did not spread to the North c) to allow the American people to directly elect their legislators and the president d) to limit the power of any one branch of government
The Southern colonies primarily grew cash crops, such as
a) Tobacco b) Indigo c) Rice d) All of the Above
What was the first successful long-term settlement in Virginia?
a) Roanoke b) Jamestown c) Charleston d) Plymouth
What was America's first national constitution?
a) Articles of Confederation b) US Constitution c) Bill of Rights d) Magna Carta
What event illustrated the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?
a) Virginia Plan b) Shays' Rebellion c) New Jersey Plan d) Mayflower Compact
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