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someone who works for a skilled person learning a certain trade
a) apprentice b) debtor c) assembly d)
all the businesses that make the same kind of product
a) legislation b) covenant c) industry d)
people who owe money
a) tolerate b) debtor c) apprentice d)
making of laws
a) legislation b) assembly c) slavery d)
allow others to have different religious views and beliefs
a) plantation b) tolerate c) covenant d)
treating people as property and forcing them to work
a) tolerate b) slavery c) apprentice d)
lawmaking body
a) assembly b) industry c) court d)
large farms that grew one main cash crop
a) assmebly b) industry c) plantation d)
contract that a family promised to follow rules of the Puritan church
a) covenant b) Mayflower c) debtor d)
Which colony was named after William Penn's father?
a) New Hampshire b) Pennsylvania c) Virginia d)
Which was NOT a reason people came to settle in the colonies?
a) religious freedom b) more jobs c) cheap land d) disease
Why did the Puritans come to New England?
a) to rule it b) religious freedom c) they were forced to d)
The colonists rebelled by smuggling goods and disobeying these set of rules. What were they called?
a) Covenant b) Mayflower Compact c) English Trade Laws d)
Ships sailing on routes selling and buying cargo from England, to the colonies, and then to Africa was known as what?
a) World Trade b) industry c) Triangular Trade d)
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