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Molecules slide past each other.
a) solid b) gase c) liquid d) atoms
Maybe crystalline or amorphous.
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) plasma
Increases when th amount of force per unit increases.
a) freezing point b) volume c) temperature d) pressure
When a solid turns to a liquid.
a) freezing b) melting c) sublimation d) condensation
Has no definite volume.
a) gas b) solid c) liquid d) plasma
When a gas changes to a liquid.
a) evaporation b) freezing c) melting d) condensation
The melting point is the same as the
a) freezing point b) boiling point c) surface tension d) change of state
Happens with dry ice.
a) melting b) freezing c) sublimation d) boiling
Exiting heat/energy.
a) surface tension b) exothermic c) enothermic d) volume
The reverse of condensation.
a) evaporation b) melting c) freezing d) surface tension
Determined by measuring the speed of molecules.
a) viscosity b) physical properties c) volume d) temperature
Explains the relationship between volume and pressure.
a) Charles's Law b) surface tensioin c) Boyle's Law d) states of matter
Molecules are tightly packed.
a) liquid b) solid c) gas d) plasma
Molecules break free and pull away from each other.
a) liquid b) plasma c) solid d) gas
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