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Customers pay different prices for the same type or amount of merchandise. This permits customer to bargain.
a) price skimming b) prestige pricing c) bundle pricing d) flexible pricing
Sets a very high price for a new product.
a) prestige pricing b) price skimming c) price lining d) loss-leader pricing
Based on the psychological principle that odd numbers convey a bargain.
a) even pricing b) promotional pricing c) everyday low prices d) odd pricing
Prices that end in an even number give the impression of quality and value.
a) promotional pricing b) even pricing c) multiple unit pricing d) odd pricing
Consistently low prices, no other promotions or sales are offered.
a) prestige pricing b) loss-leader pricing c) everyday low prices d) promotional pricing
Price is set deliberately high to convey status and high quality.
a) prestige pricing b) price skimming c) price lining d) bundle pricing
Company offers several complimentary products in a package sold at a single price.
a) bundle pricing b) even pricing c) multiple-unit pricing d) promotional pricing
Pricing items in multiples suggests a bargain, such as 3 for $1.
a) loss-leader pricing b) multiple-unit pricing c) price lining d) odd pricing
Sets a limited number of prices for a line of merchandise.
a) promotional pricing b) price lining c) price skimming d) penetration pricing
Discounts and/or sales where prices are reduced for a limited time.
a) bundle pricing b) cost-plus pricing c) everyday low prices d) promotional pricing
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