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The US Constitution was written when?
a) 1776 b) 1787 c) 1865 d) 2013
What was published anonymously and argued for a strong central government?
a) Federalist Papers b) Anti-Federalist Blog c) Constitution d) Twilight
All are characteristics of the Articles of Confederation EXCEPT
a) No executive office b) States retain sovereignty c) Congress gets one representative per state d) The president has to be a man
What type of states wanted representatives to be based on amount of population?
a) Large states b) Small states c) Red states d) Blue states
What dealt with the issue of counting slaves for purposes of representation and taxation?
a) Dredd Scott Act b) Huckleberry Finn promise c) Three-fifths compromise d) Articles of Confederation
Which plan included a proposal for seperation of powers?
a) Texas Plan b) Virginia Plan c) Foster Plan d) MCH Plan
Which amendment guarantees freedom of religion?
a) First b) Second c) Third d) Fourth
The Philadelphia Convention of 1787 occured in which era?
a) Constitutional Era b) Civil War Era c) Progressive Era d) Technology Era
Which amendment gives you freedom from unreasonable search and seizure?
a) second b) third c) fourth d) fifth
George Mason and Patrick Henry were what?
a) Federalists b) Anti-Federalists c) Enemies d) Frenchmen
All were weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation EXCEPT
a) no parties b) no executive c) no judicial d) no way to collect taxes
What was a result of the Great Compromise?
a) no taxes b) White House was built c) Ms. Foster moved to Waco d) bicameral legislature
James Madison and Alexander Hamilton were what?
a) Spanish b) Federalists c) Anti-Federalists d) Hungry
Anti-Federalits insisted what be included in the constitution?
a) Bill of Rights b) Freedom to go college for free c) Every state gets a free pony d) Ms. Foster gets $1,000,000
Which amendments give you the right to a speedy trial and a trial by a jury of your peers?
a) 1st and 2nd b) 3rd and 4th c) 6th and 7th d) 10th and 11th
The federalists supported the what?
a) Constitution b) Magna Carta c) Declaration d) Republicans
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