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A ________________ gives important words and their definitions
a) caption b) table of contents c) index d) glossary
What feature tells more about a photograph?
a) caption b) heading c) diagram d) types of print
What feature that shows where things are in the world?
a) chart b) graph c) map d) photograph
What features gives a clue to the topic of the information on the page?
a) heading b) table of contents c) glossary d) caption
Authors might use this feature to compare information, sometimes might use bars or lines.
a) chart b) graph c) heading d) table of contents
What feature is a list of key topics and their page numbers, located in the back of the book?
a) table of contents b) glossary c) index d) types of print
A __________________ shows what something looks like in real life.
a) photograph b) diagram c) graph d) map
What feature is a labeled picture?
a) photograph b) caption c) diagram d) graph
This feature is located at the beginning of the book and shows each section and their page number.
a) index b) glossary c) heading d) table of contents
Authors might use this feature to make important words stand out.
a) captions b) glossaries c) types of print d) indexes
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