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Carol has agreed to make Debbie’s prom dress. Debbie has indicated that she wants her to make the dress, a cape, and gloves. Carol is pressed for time and forgot to make the gloves. What type of performance has Carol completed?
a) Substantial Performance b) Satisfactory Performance c) d)
Nancy has a contract to buy a car from Bryan. Nancy realizes she cannot afford the car. After signing the contract, Bryan wishes he had not contracted to sell the car to Nancy. They both decide to terminate the contract by what method?
a) Mutual Agreement b) Impossibility of Performance c) d)
An environmental group is suing to stop the clear cutting of trees by a local developer. What type of remedy will they request?
a) Injunction b) Money Damages c) d)
Monica has a contract with Fred's Landscape Service to mulch her yard. After the job is finished, the contract is discharged by what method?
a) Complete Performance b) Operation of Law c) d)
Amber transfers her duty of cleaning Julie’s house to Roxanne. However, Amber is still responsible for the job. How was the contract transferred?
a) Delegate b) Assignment c) d)
A world famous artist dies suddenly before finishing several projects. How will all of the artist’s contracts be discharged?
a) Impossibility of Performance b) Mutual Release c) d)
Bill transfers his rights to renting his apartment to Bob. How was the contract transferred?
a) Assignment b) Delegate c) d)
Greg has a contract with Steve to buy a riding lawnmower. After the contract was signed, Greg changed the price from $150 to $250 without Steve's knowledge. What method of termination is this?
a) Operation of Law b) Performance c) d)
Unable to pay off a $250 contract, Jon wants to change the contract by giving something worth $250 to Peter. How was the contract discharged?
a) Accord and Satisfaction b) Complete Performance c) d)
Ann accepted a cleaning job but her crew did not have time to complete the job. Ann lets her friend Amanda do the job while Ann retains responsibility. How is this contract discharged?
a) Delegate b) Assignment c) d)
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