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What is the salinity of sewater
a) 3.5% b) 1.5% c) 5.5% d) 10%
Ocean Salinity is usually expressed in
a) parts per thousand b) charts c) chemical formula d) pars per billion
What is the most abundant salt in the ocean
a) sodium choloride b) calcium choloride c) magnesium d) patassium chloride
What is the principal source of dissolved substances in the oceans
a) weathering b) infiltraton c) outgassing d) evaporation
Salinity varies from 33 ppt
a) 38 ppt b) 45 ppt c) 35 ppt d) 83 ppt
What is the second major source of elements in sea water?
a) Earth's interior b) solar radiation c) lakes d) meteorites
The highest salinity would be found in which of the following areas
a) area with high evaporation rate b) area with high precipitation rate c) area with lots of runoff d) all of the answers are correct
The ocean layer or rapid temperature change with depth is know as the
a) thermocline b) deep zone c) mixed zone d) trophic level
What is density
a) mass per unit volume b) mass per unit area c) weight per unit mass d) weight per unit volume
In addition to salinity, what factor affects the density of seawater>
a) temperature b) latitude c) depth d) salt content
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