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Which of these animals does not have a backbone?
a) puffer fish b) star fish c) eel d) shark
Which group of animal does not have a backbone?
a) bird b) arachnid c) fish d) amphibian
Fishes uses their ________ to breathe in water.
a) lungs b) fins c) gills d) tail
To _______ is to group or put together things that are the same.
a) describe b) observe c) look d) classify
The leaves of a mimosa plants ________ when it is touched.
a) closes b) open c) dies d) disappears
A ____________ shows how a living thing grows, changes and makes new living things.
a) cycle b) life cycle c) life d) cycle life
The plant life cycle always starts with a _________.
a) flower b) root c) seed d) leaf
Seeds can be moved from one place to another by:
a) animals only b) animals and wind only c) animals and water only d) animals, wind and water
What keeps a seed safe and helps its grow?
a) fruit b) stem c) leaves d) roots
________ are plant parts that make seeds.
a) flowers b) leaves c) roots d) stems
Plants that live in dry places have ________ roots.
a) small b) short c) long d) no
The roots of a Banyan tree grow _______ the ground.
a) above b) under c) below d) no answer
This part hold the plant in the ground and takes water from the soil.
a) stem b) leaves c) flowers d) roots
What is the part of the plant that uses light to make food?
a) roots b) leaves c) stem d) flowers
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