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Water is used by, and oxygen is released as waste by this process of photosynthesis.
a) ATP synthase b) light-independent reactions c) Calvin Cycle d) light-dependent reactions
Carbon Dioxide is a reactant in this process of photosynthesis.
a) light-dependent reactions b) Calvin Cycle c) Melvin Cycle d) ATP synthase
The products of the Calvin Cycle are NADP+, ______ and ______.
a) ADP + P; carbon dioxide b) ATP; high-energy sugars c) water; oxygen d) ADP + P; glucose
Which of the following is NOT a factor that affects photosynthesis?
a) temperature b) availability of water c) availability of carbon dioxide d) availability of oxygen
NADP+ is a(n) _____ used in photosynthesis.
a) electron driver b) electron carrier c) ion producer d) Hydrogen carrier
NADP+ becomes NADPH by picking up _____ and ________.
a) 3 high-energy hydrogen ions; 2 electrons b) 2 high-energy electrons; 2 hydrogen ions c) 1 high-energy hydrogen ion; 1 electron d) 2 high-energy electrons; 1 hydrogen ion
_______ uses energy from the diffusion of hydrogen ions to combine a phosphate group and an ADP molecule.
a) ADP synthase b) ATP synthase c) ADP hydrolysis d) ATP hydrolysis
The majority of photosynthesis occurs in this layer of a leaf.
a) mesophyll b) epidermis c) hypodermis d) cuticle
Photosynthesis is important to living things because it provides____
a) glucose and carbon dioxide b) oxygen and ADP c) water and carbon dioxide d) glucose and oxygen
Which of the following is NOT an example of a heterotroph?
a) sunflower b) deer c) mushroom d) ant
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