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The type of tissue that covers the body, lines the internal surfaces, and forms glands is
a) epithelial tisssue b) muscle tissue c) connective tissue d) nervous tissue
The process of maintaining a relatively constant internal environment despite changes in the external environment is called
a) regulation b) homeostasis c) synapse d) stimulation
The basic units of structure and function of the nervous system are
a) neurons b) axons c) dendrites d) neurotransmitters
The cell that transmits nerve impulses is called a
a) axon b) dendrite c) neuron d) synapse
The place where a neuron transfers an impulse to another cell is the
a) synapse b) dendrite c) myelin sheath d) receptor
The central nervous system consists of the
a) sense organs b) reflexes c) brain and spinal cord d) brain and lungs
Voluntary or conscious activities of the body are controlled by the
a) medulla oblongata b) cerebreum c) cerebellum d) brainstem
The autonomic nervous system regulates activities such as
a) raising your hand b) running and jumping c) singing a song d) digesting your dinner
The semicircular canals and the two tiny sacs located behind them help to maintain
a) night vision b) equilibrium c) respiratory rate d) temperature
Drugs that increase heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate are
a) opiates b) depressants c) barbituates d) stimulants
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