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Which event is most closely associated with the French Revolution?
a) Council of Trent b) Thrity Years' War c) Reign of Terror d) Paris Peace Conference
Which factor led to the rise of communist revolutions in Russia and in China?
a) increase in agricultural production around the world b) onset of the global depression that restricted trade c) scarcity of workers for available jobs d) unequal distribution of wealth between social Classes
Which geographic condition contributed to the defeat of Napoleon’s troops during the invasion of Russia?
a) drought b) harsh winter c) typhoons d) severe flooding
One way in which King Louis XVI of France and Czar Nicholas II of Russia are similar is that both
a) were executed by revolutionaries b) were known as great military leaders c) advocated religious reform d) supported the emancipation of serfs
Under the Old Regime in France, the burden of taxation fell mostly on the
a) monarchy b) clergy c) nobles d) commoners
One way in which Robespierre and Napoleon are similar is that they both
a) played an important role at the Congress of Vienna b) increased their power during the French Revolution c) were executed for treason by French monarchs d) led armies against the Haitians
One reason the Bolsheviks gained peasant support during the Russian Revolution was because the Bolsheviks promised to
a) redistribute land b) abolish communes c) bring modern technology to Russian farms d) ) maintain an agricultural price-support Program
The struggles for political independence in Latin America during the early 1800s were most directly influenced by the
a) Berlin Conference b) doctrine of liberation theology c) American and French Revolutions d) writings of Count Camillo di Cavour
What was one effect of the French Revolution?
a) Differences between ethnic groups were eliminated. b) Communism became popular. c) Militarism was discouraged d) Nationalistic feelings were stimulated.
. The encomienda system in colonial Latin America led to the
a) use of forced labor b) establishment of trade unions c) increase in landownership by Native Americans d) weakening of the power of peninsulares
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