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Look after people's health
a) Teachers b) Welders c) Doctor d) Chefs
Prepare and sell meat
a) Bakers b) Butchers c) Candlestick maker d) Barbers
look after people's teeth
a) Doctors b) Dentists c) Butchers d) Nurses
Organize and repair technical equipment
a) surgeons b) barbers c) chefs d) technicians
Design, make, alter, or repair clothes
a) tailors b) butchers c) welders d) bakers
Looks after people's animals
a) Welders b) Tailors c) Judges d) Vets
Defend and prosecute people
a) judges b) technicians c) lawyers d) doctors
Meet and greet visitors
a) bakers b) receptionists c) doctors d) bankers
Prepare and cook food
a) butchers b) chefs c) nurses d) tailors
Looks after the finances of an organization
a) accountants b) bakers c) doctors d) judges
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