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Culture is...
a) the size of a people's population. b) the appearance of people. c) the area people live. d) the way people live.
What is the closest to hieroglyphics?
a) Japanese b) Emoticons c) English d) Scribbles
Egypt made much of their wealth through...
a) hunting b) agriculture c) hieroglyphics d) pyramids
A structure designed for holding the dead...
a) cemetery b) grave c) funeral d) tomb
Egypt is on what continent?
a) South America b) Asia c) Africa d) Europe
Cultural Diffusion is shown when….
a) religion moves to a new continent. b) a recipe is passed on to a grandchild c) language gets written in a notebook. d) gathering occurs in a field.
Pyramids were made of this rock…..
a) granite b) sandstone c) shale d) limestone
What is the most moist and fertile part of Egypt?
a) Nubia b) Upper Egypt c) delta d) Sahara
Which is not found near Egypt?
a) Sahara Desert b) Gobi Desert c) Libyan Desert d) Nubian Desert
There was a low supply of scribes, so….
a) the demand for them was high. b) the supply became lower. c) the demand for them was low. d) the supply became higher.
When humans learn certain skills, instead of all skills… this is called ____.
a) neolithic b) civilization c) culturalization d) specialization
How many faces does a pyramid have?
a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6
What word describes the moving of water for farming?
a) irregular b) irrigation c) irradiation d) irreplaceable
Migration of hunter/gatherers...
a) took people to Asia from Egypt. b) led to people living on most continents. c) led to people avoiding some continents. d) took people to Egypt From Europe.
What is the training of plants to produce food?
a) domestication b) specialization c) civilization d) migration
What is the best example of cultural diffusion?
a) Using ramps to raise blocks. b) Egypt inventing hieroglyphics. c) Egypt importing jewelry from Libya. d) Building pyramids for mummies
When would a mummy often be completed?
a) after 50 days b) after 60 days c) after 70 days d) after 80 days
What is the best title for this outline grouping: -hieroglyphics, -mathematics, -rope
a) specialization of Egypt b) domestication of Egypt c) civilization of Egypt d) technology of Egypt
Why would tombs often be robbed?
a) vengeance against the pharaoh b) to access material goods c) to anger Anubis d) to access the hieroglyphics
What religion is polytheistic?
a) Islam b) Christianity c) Hinduism d) Judaism
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