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to give support or maintain loyalty; to hold fast, stick
a) apprehend b) disquieting c) hoard d) adhere
A capacity to learn, a natural ability or talent
a) aptitude b) attitude c) nurture d) chastise
training or upbringing
a) chortle b) disposition c) nurture d) empathy
being aware and sharing another person's feelings and experiences
a) disposition b) chortle c) disquieting d) empathy
to inflict punishment on
a) chortle b) hoard c) chastise d) empathy
to chuckle in satisfaction
a) hoard b) nurture c) adhere d) chortle
to take away peace and tranquility
a) disquieting b) hoarding c) empathy d) nurture
a hidden supply or fund stored up
a) hoard b) empathy c) chastise d) adhere
agitated with doubt or mental conflict
a) disquiet b) distraught c) empathy d) chastise
one's usual mood or attitude
a) empathy b) disquieting c) disposition d) distraught
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