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state of matter in which particles can flow or move
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) plasma
Neon gas, lightning, sun, stars
a) solid b) plasma c) liqud d) gas
a) water b) sand c) salt d) sugar
Aluminum (Al)
a) atom b) element c) compound d) mixture
two substances mix physically, each one keep its properties
a) compound b) element c) mixture d) water
two elements joint chemically
a) compoun b) element c) mixture d) water
nucleous of the atom
a) proton and electron b) electron c) proton and neutron d) empty space
pure substance form of one kind of atom
a) atom b) mixture c) element d) compound
a) salt b) sugar c) carbon dioxide d) water
anything that has mass and take up space
a) atom b) matter c) compound d) mixture
a) element b) compound c) mixture d) atom
part of an atom with no charge
a) electron b) proton c) neutron d) nucleous
state with the bigger energy
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) plasma
definite volume but NOT definite shape
a) solid b) liquid c) gas d) plasma
Part of atom with positive charge
a) electron b) proton c) neutron d) nucleous
building block of matter
a) element b) cell c) atom d) mixture
cause change of states in matter and make particles move
a) sun b) atom c) energy d) mixtures
a) 1 Oxygen b) two Carbons c) two Calcium d) four Hydrogen
orange juice, baby, pencil
a) elements b) atoms c) mixtures d) compounds
a) Oxygen b) Carbon dioxide c) Calcium d) water
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