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The study of the structure and properties of matter is
a) physical science b) physics c) chemistry d) geology
Objects that help in measuring and observing are
a) methods b) tools c) grams d) model
The amount of matter in an object is its
a) volume b) density c) mass d) weight
The summary of many observations and results is
a) scientific method b) tool c) no correct answer given d) scientific law
It explains many hypotheses and observations
a) theory b) questioning c) observations d) law
This measures how hot or cold an object is
a) volume b) density c) temperature d) no correct answer given
A symbol for chemical safety is
a) skull and crossbones b) gloves c) goggles d) plug
A testable explanation based on observations is
a) theory b) physical science c) scientific law d) hypothesis
A symbol for hand safety is
a) gloves b) knife c) goggles d) apron
A symbol for eye safety is
a) goggles b) apron c) gloves d) no correct answer given
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