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What new poitical party did Andrew Jackson start?
a) Republican b) Republican Democrat c) Democrat d) Federalist
Which two Founding Fathers died on July 4 1826
a) Patrick Henry and Sam Adams b) Thomas Paine and John Adams c) Thomas Jefferson and Sam Adams d) Thomas Jefferson and John Adams
Why was John Quincy Adams a poor president?
a) shy and did not know how to deal with people b) ill and had to rest for long periods of time c) nervous and had to take medicine d) too interested in parties and having a good time
What did the Monroe Doctrine do?
a) ended the first Seminole War b) Closed North and South America to colonization c) Create independent nations from Spain's colonies to America d) kept slaves from fleeing to Spanish-held Florida
What territory did President James Monroe buy from Spain for 5 million dollars?
a) Texas b) Florida c) California d) Louisiana
The Barbary priates came from four states in ___
a) West Africa b) South Africa c) West indies d) United States
What did the Barbary pirates demand
a) U.S. trade ships leave the Mediterranean Sea b) President Jefferson to turn over Old Ironsides c) bribe money and peace ransoms d) twelve ships for war as ransom
Which of the following is NOT true about the USS
a) In the 1850s it patrolled the west coast of Africa b) School children raised money to save and restore the ship c) it is still a commissioned warship d) the wreck has been recently raised from the ocean floor
Why was the USS Constitution famous even before the War of 1812?
a) it is where Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner b) it had defeeated the British navy in the Revolutionary War c) it was one of the original six frigates of the U.S. Navy d) The founders wrote the USS Constitution as the new law
What did Dolley Madison save?
a) ball gown b) china dishes c) books at the Library of Congress d) George Washington's portrait
What happened when the British invaded the American capital city?
a) British army ate supper with Dolley Madison b) British never inteded to attack Washington so they marched on c) British burned the Capitol, the President's House, and Library of Congress d) The American army met them and defeated them at the White House
Which one of the following is NOT a cause of War of 1812
a) British sea captains captured Americans ships and sailors b) British refused to leave forts in the western territories c) Americans wanted their independence from England d) Many Americans wanted Indian land that was still
What was ironic about the big battle at New Orleans?
a) battle occurred after the peace treaty was signed b) battle used new American iron ships c) Americans meant to fight at Baltimore but got lost in a fog d) Napoleon had already won the war against England
How did the U.S. army capture Osceola
a) surrounding his warriors in a swamp b) attacking his village at Tippecanoe c) under a white flag of truce d) holding his two wives and children hostage
Future Presidents Jackson and Harrison became heroes by
a) gaining victories in fights against Indians b) defending the Indians c) removing the Indians to other countries d) creating peace between Indians and whites
The Shawnee chief Tecumseh wanted to unite
a) native tribes in a mighty league b) natives and whites into a mighty league c) native tribes and enslaved blacks d) native tribes, enslaved blacks, and whites
Red Jacket was a powerful Iroquois orater and argued that
a) whites should adopt Indian way of life b) Indians should have the right to keep their way of life c) Indians should adopt white ways of life d) Indians should unite in a native league to fight
Indian Removal Act of 1830 stated that...
a) Native Americans could petition to stay on their land b) Native Americans could be moved west c) All white settlers had to be removed d) Inidans had to remove their hats as a sign of respect
Which of the following did President Andrew Jackson believe
a) only an aristocrat should be president b) the common people should rule c) ordinary people were too poorly educated to rule d) common people should be told how to vote
President Andrew Jackson's critics feared that he would ruin the country by?
a) alloing Indians to serve in his cabinet b) buying an expensive carriage and horses with government money c) setting enslaved African Americans free d) allowing mobs of common people to take over
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