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Process in which minerals replace tissues.
a) fossil b) mineral replacement c) trace fossil d) cast
Trace or remains of an organism that lived long ago, most commonly preserved in sedimentary rock.
a) fossil b) index fossil c) mineral replacement d) mold
Mark or cavity made in a sedimentary surface by a shell or other body.
a) cast b) index fossil c) mold d) mineral replacement
Fossil from a specific time period.
a) mold b) trace fossil c) mineral replacement d) index fossil
Fossil formed by an animal's movement.
a) cast b) cast c) trace fossil d) index fossil
Mold filled with sediment.
a) cast b) fossil c) trace fossil d) mineral replacement
What is amber?
a) a hard shell b) hardened tree sap c) an insect’s body d) wet, sticky tree sap
Which of the following is an example of mineral replacement?
a) La Brea asphalt b) a frozen mammoth c) hardened tree sap d) petrified wood
Which of the following is an example of a trace fossil?
a) preserved footprints b) mold and cast c) hardened tree sap d) a frozen mammoth
Which kind of temperatures will slow down an organism’s decay?
a) warm temperatures in a wet climate b) cool temperatures c) freezing temperatures d) hot temperatures
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