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a solid that forms out of solutions
a) property b) precipitate c) chemical property d) chemical reaction
Deteriorating, disintegrating, falling, or becoming weak due to decay
a) chemical reaction b) corrosiveness c) rusting d) rotting
substances that are changed into new substances with different properties
a) chemical change b) rusting c) chemical property d) precipitate
the ability of a substance to change into a new substance with different properties
a) property b) chemical change c) chemical property d) precipitate
When substances combine with oxygen and release energy
a) corrosiveness b) combustion c) flamability d) rusting
A substance having the capability or tendency to cause slow destruction
a) corrosiveness b) combustion c) flamability d) rusting
the ability to easily catch on fire
a) corrosiveness b) combustion c) rusting d) flamability
Any film or coating on metal caused by oxidation
a) rotting b) rusting c) corrosiveness d) combustion
characteristic of a material that helps to identify or classify matter
a) chemical reaction b) chemical property c) property d) physical property
the form matter can take
a) chemical reaction b) precipitate c) property d) state of matter
changes that takes place when one or more substances interact to form new substances
a) chemical change b) chemical reaction c) chemical property d) physical property
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