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The relationship of objects or parts of objects to one another and to the design as a whole.
a) Proportion b) Variety c) Balance d) Scale
All the parts of a design are related by one idea.
a) Proportion b) Emphasis c) Unity d) Rhythm
Example of this principle would be making sure the number of furnishings in a room is appropriate to the room size.
a) Variety b) Scale c) Rhythm d) Balance
Shows what’s important; causes one object or area to stand out and become a focal point.
a) Scale b) Unity c) Variety d) Emphasis
Using certain colors, lines, forms and textures in a regular pattern.
a) Variety b) Rhythm c) Unity d) Proportion
Achieved by combining different styles and materials; adds interest to design and prevents monotony.
a) Variety b) Unity c) Scale d) Balance
The relationship of an object or a space to human beings and to other objects or spaces in the design
a) Variety b) Unity c) Scale d) Balance
When the amount, size or weight of objects on both sides of the center point is equal or appears to be equal.
a) Rhythm b) Variety c) Scale d) Balance
This principle is created by using repetition, radiation and gradation.
a) Scale b) Rhythm c) Balance d) Variety
This principle can be further defined in to two groups, symmetrical and asymmetrical.
a) Balance b) Emphasis c) Unity d) Variety
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