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The broadest level of classification is the
a) species b) kingdom c) order d) class
When naming a species the __________ and __________ are used
a) genus, species b) phylum, class c) kingdom, species d) class, order
What language is used when naming species?
a) greek b) spanish c) english d) latin
For Felis domesticus (house cat), Felis is its
a) species b) order c) family d) genus
_____________ is the method of classification based on establishing phylogenies (i.e. getting at evolutionary relationships).
a) Classification b) Evolution c) Cladistics d) Speciation
The greater the number of __________________shared by a pair of organisms, the closer their degree of relationship.
a) orders b) derived characters c) cladistics d) species
Homo sapiens belong to what kingdom?
a) chordate b) mammal c) animal d) hominid
A key used for identifying species is called a
a) dichotomous key b) answer key c) species key d) evolutionary key
The level of organization after the Order is the __________.
a) genus b) phylum c) kingdom d) family
The level of organization after the Phylum is the __________.
a) species b) class c) order d) family
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