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Died of Scarlet Fever
a) Krempe b) Caroline Beaufort c) Elizabeth d) Justine
Unloved because of appearance
a) Henry b) Alphonse Frankenstein c) Kirwin d) The monster
Traveled to Scotland with Victor
a) Henry b) William c) Agatha d) Alphonse Frankenstein
Convicted of William's death
a) Agatha b) Justine c) the monster d) Alphonse Frankenstein
Gave Victor reading list of books on natural sciences
a) Krempe b) Justine c) Henry d) William
Lived in exile in Germany
a) The monster b) Alphonse Frankenstein c) Agatha d) Kirwin
Prepared Victor's defense against murder charges.
a) Kirwin b) Henry c) William d) Alphonse Frankenstein
Wore miniature portrait when murdered.
a) Henry b) Justine c) Caroline Beaufort d) William
Urged Victor's marriage to Elizabeth
a) The monster b) Alphonse Frankenstein c) Henry d) Justine
Murdered on wedding night
a) Justine b) Agatha c) Elizabeth d) Victor
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