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Which number when rounded to the nearest ten thousand has a value of 390,000?
a) 386,314 b) 398,947 c) 381,769 d) 395,986
Round 769,048 to the nearest hundred thousand.
a) 700,000 b) 869,048 c) 769,000 d) 800,000
What is this number in standard form? (4 x 1,000) + (5 x 100) + (3 x 10) + (7 x 1) + (2 x 0.1) =
a) 4,521.2 b) 4,527.1 c) 4,537.2 d) 4,537.02
What is 0.573 rounded to the nearest hundredth?
a) 0.673 b) 0.58 c) 0.058 d) 0.57
Which one of these decimals is the smallest?
a) 0.10 b) 0.01 c) 0.001 d) 1.0001
The area of a building is 909,650 square feet. What is this number rounded to the nearest thousand square feet?
a) 900,000 b) 909,000 c) 909,700 d) 910,000
What is correct word form for the number 244.244?
a) Two hundred forty four and two hundred forty four thousandths b) Two hundred forty four point two hundred forty four c) Two and forty four hundredths and two hundred forty four thousandths d) Two thousand forty four hundredths
Which one of these decimals is in order from least to greatest?
a) 2.42, 2.042, 2.420 b) 1.562, 1.651, 1.641 c) .03, .033, .33 d) 3.1, 3.01, 3.0001
What is the following number in standard form: forty two million, seven hundred sixteen thousand, ninety
a) 427,001,590 b) 42,716,090 c) 42,716,900 d) 42,716
What is the following number in standard form: 4,000,000,000+30,000,000+ 6,000,000+900,000+4,000+200+30+8
a) 4,036,904,238 b) 4,360,904,238 c) 403,690,428 d) 43,694,238
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