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A community plus nonliving parts is called a:
a) population b) macromolecule c) ecosystem d) organism
Which is not a protein?
a) chlorophyll b) hair c) nails d) muscle
Testing for simple sugars (monosacharides) was done in our lab using...
a) iodine b) biuret solution c) benedicts solution d) paper bag
Which macromolecules store energy?
a) lipids, nucleic acids b) carbohydrates, nucleic acids c) lipids, carbohydrates d) proteins, lipids
Proteins are made of...
a) monosaccharides b) amino acids c) nucleotides d) fatty acids
Which elements are common in living things?
a) carbon b) hydrogen c) oxygen d) all of the above
Which list is showing the organization of life from simple to complex?
a) atom, molecule, ecosystem, macromolecule, organelle b) organelle, organ, cell, tissue, macromolecule c) population, community, ecosystem, organism d) organelle, cell, tissue, organ, organ system
Which is not a part of CHOGGIES?
a) cells b) movement c) grow and develop d) inherit DNA
Which is an example of a lipid?
a) chlorophyll b) DNA c) cellulose d) chitin
Which are examples of carbohydrates?
a) chitin b) enzymes c) RNA d) muscle
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