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The thumb to the hand
a) lateral b) medial c) distal d) proximal
The heart to the diaphragm
a) inferior b) superficial c) deep d) superior
The vertebral column to the trachea
a) proximal b) ventral c) dorsal d) distal
The forehead to the ears
a) medial b) lateral c) distal d) proximal
The cranium to the coccyx
a) caudal b) proximal c) cephalic d) distal
The eyes to the nose
a) lateral b) distal c) superficial d) distal
The scalp to the skull
a) posterior b) anterior c) deep d) superficial
The kidney to the vertebral column
a) distal b) proximal c) lateral d) medial
The muscles to the skin
a) deep b) superficial c) anterior d) posterior
The hand to the elbow
a) laterial b) medial c) distal d) proximal
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