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most important point in a piece of writing
a) main idea b) details c) final draft d) research
mechanical correctness
a) freewrite b) topic c) final draft d) conventions
internal structure of writing
a) organizing b) publish c) audience d) details
someone else making changes to improve your work
a) self editing b) peer editing c) proofreading d) main idea
typed or handwritten last copy of work
a) conventions b) self-editing c) grammar d) final draft
contribute many ideas about a topic
a) brainstorming b) topic c) peer editing d) drafting
writer coming through words
a) audience b) voice c) details d) purpose
rhythm and flow of language
a) word choice b) proofreading c) purpose d) fluency
writing ideas into sentences and paragraphs
a) brainstorming b) drafting c) outline d) research
making changes yourself to improve writing
a) freewrite b) publish c) self-editing d) peer-editing
use of rich, colorful language that moves and enlightens the reader
a) word choice b) voice c) conventions d) main idea
finding information about a topic
a) topic b) fluency c) research d) ideas
supporting ideas that help a writer flesh out an idea
a) main ideas b) content c) details d) outline
reason a person is writing
a) purpose b) details c) voice d) graphic organizer
subject of the work
a) drafting b) topic c) proofreading d) content
graphs or charts to organize information
a) punctuation b) purpose c) graphic organizer d) details
person or people reading work
a) audience b) voice c) publish d) fluency
read aloud and look for errors
a) self-editing b) peer-editing c) proofreading d) word choice
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