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find k using k=bm
a) already set up to find k b) k=b/m c) k=m/b d) k=b/m *k
find w using b=w/h
a) already set up to find w b) w=bh c) w=b/h d) w=h/b
convert 0.007g to mg
a) 0.000007mg b) 0.7mg c) 0.07mg d) 7mg
convert 23decagrams to grams
a) 230 b) 2.3 c) 2300 d) 0.23
convert 8.8 inches to cm (1inch/2.54cm)
a) 22.352cm b) 22.563cm c) 3.46cm d) 3.67cm
convert 84350 to scientific notation
a) 8.435 x 10 ^ 6 b) 8.435 x 10^4 c) 8435 x 10 ^4 d) 8.5 x 10 ^ -4
convert 5.6 x 10 ^ -3 to standard notation
a) 0.056 b) 560 c) 5600 d) 0.0056
convert 6.34 x 10 ^ 5 to standard notation
a) 0.00634 b) 634000 c) 6340 d) 0.0000634
find x using b=k/x
a) already set up to find x b) x=b/k c) x=k/b d) x=k*b
find z using y=xz
a) already set up to find z b) z=x/y c) z=yx d) z=y/x
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