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Powerhouse of the cell that produces ATP from glucose that is used for energy.
a) chloroplast b) mitochondria c) lysosome d) golgi apparatus
Recycler for the cell. Digests or breaks down old proteins and cell structures.
a) mitochondria b) ER c) Ribosome d) Lysosome and peroxisome
Organelle in plant cells where photosynthesis takes place.
a) chloroplasm b) chloroplast c) chlorophyll d) chloroflorosome
Type of cell that has no membrane bound organelles.
a) eukaryotic plant b) eukaryotic animal c) prokaryotic bacteria d) prokaryotic fungus
Biomolecule that cilia and flagella are made of that enables prokaryotic cells to move.
a) carbohydrates b) proteins c) lipids d) none of the above
Structure in plant cells that is made of the polysaccharide cellulose.
a) cell wall b) cell membrane c) nucleus d) chloroplast
Cells that have a true nucleus and membrane bound organelles.
a) prokaryotic b) blood cells c) eukaryotic d) all cells
The package and ship organell of the cell.
a) lysosome b) mitochondria c) ribosome d) golgi apparatus
The biomolecule synthesized by ribosomes.
a) carbohydrates b) nucleic acids c) lipids d) proteins
Proteins that support cell structure and anchor other organells.
a) ribosomes b) cytoskeleton c) cytoplasm d) cytophyll
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