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The substance in a solution that is present in the largest amount is the
a) solvent b) solute c) solution d) precipitate
Mrs. Knoll aims a flashlight at some orange juice. The light is scattered because orange juice is a
a) colloid b) suspension c) solution d) solvent
The ______________ of solute makes it harder for liquid molecules to move apart and become _______
a) presence; gas b) lack; gas c) presence; solid d) lack; solid
What do solutes do to freezing and boiling points of solutions?
a) lower freezing point and raise boiling point b) lower freezing point and boiling point c) raise freezing point and boiling point d) raise freezing point and lower boiling point
What solute will be able to conduct electricity when dissolved?
a) BaF2 b) CF4 c) NO2 d) SO3
Carbon tetrachloride, a liquid, settles to the bottom of a test tube after being shaken with water. This type of mixture is called a
a) suspension b) solution c) colloid d) solvent
In which of the following phases can a solution be made?
a) solid and liquid phases only b) gas and liquid phases only c) solid and gas phases only d) liquid, solid, and gas phases
When CO2 dissolves in water, the following will be produced
a) CO2 molecules b) C+4 and O-2 ions c) C-4 and O+2 ions d) C atoms and O2 molecules
When KCl dissolves in water, the following will be produced.
a) KCl molecules b) K+ and Cl- ions c) K- and Cl+ ions d) K atoms and Cl2 molecules
A solution is made by dissolving some salt in a beaker of water. The salt is referred to as the
a) solute b) solvent c) solution d) precipitate
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