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to bring something back after it declined in condition or popularity; to breathe new life into something
a) revitalize b) revive c) survivor d) vitamin
to bring back to life again
a) revive b) survival c) vital d) vivacious
the ability to continue living
a) survival b) survivor c) vitality d) vivid
a person who lives through a difficult event or experience
a) survivor b) vital c) vitamin d) vivisection
necessary or essential to life
a) vital b) vitality c) vivacious d) revitalize
quality or state of being full of life; state of being full of energy
a) vitality b) vitamin c) vivid d) revive
a tablet of substances that are thought to promote a healthy life
a) vitamin b) vivacious c) vivisection d) survival
full of life; fun; lively; animated
a) vivacious b) vivid c) revitalize d) survivor
as big as life; brightly colored; daring
a) vivid b) vivisection c) revive d) vital
surgery on living animals; medical research that involves cutting into animals to study organs, parts, or diseases
a) vivisection b) revitalize c) survival d) vitality
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