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granting approval or belief in a school
a) accreditation b) credential c) credit d) creed
a document that proves a person is believable
a) credential b) credible c) creditor d) discredit
believable; reliable
a) credible b) credit c) credulous d) incredible
to believe that someone will do something
a) credit b) creditor c) creed d) incredulous
a person who believes that he will be paid back the money that he loaned
a) creditor b) credulous c) discredit d) accreditation
tending to beieve too easily; easily convinced; easily fooled
a) credulous b) creed c) incredible d) credential
a set of religious beliefs or principles
a) creed b) discredit c) incredulous d) credible
to refuse to believe; to reject as untrue
a) discredit b) incredible c) accreditation d) credit
not believable; improbable; unlikely
a) incredible b) incredulous c) credential d) creditor
doubting; unwilling or unable to believe
a) incredulous b) acreditation c) credible d) credulous
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