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writing about a person's life written by that person
a) autobiography b) autograph c) biography d) paragraph
the writing of one's own name
a) autograph b) bibliography c) cartography d) phonograph
the written list of all the books used in a report or book
a) bibliography b) biography c) homograph d) photography
a book written about a person's life
a) biography b) cartography c) paragraph d) seismograph
mapmaking; the writing involved in making maps or charts
a) cartography b) homograph c) phonograph d) autobiography
a word written the same way as another word but having a different meaning
a) homograph b) paragraph c) photography d) autograph
record player; a device that turns the writing on records into sound
a) phonograph b) photography c) autobiography d) biography
a section of writing that has a topic and concluding sentence
a) paragraph b) phongraph c) seismograph d) bibliography
the use of light to record an image using a camera
a) photography b) seismograph c) autograph d) cartography
a device that writes down (records) the movements of the earth
a) seismograph b) autobiography c) bibliography d) paragraph
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