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Marjorie won't get a promotion ________ she takes more initiative.
a) when b) although c) if d) unless
Ms. Torres isn't very efficient ______ she does payroll quickly.
a) although b) when c) if d) unless
Soo-Jin won't get a promotion __________ she doesn't work harder.
a) although b) if c) when d) unless
_______ Mr. Wilson follows OSHA guidelines, there will be an accident.
a) Unless b) If c) When d) Although
Martin got the job ________ he wasn't qualified
a) unless b) when c) if d) although
Carey can't speak Spanish _________ he can speak Portuguese.
a) although b) if c) when d) unless
I like to eat cheese _______ I go on a picnic.
a) although b) if c) when d) unless
I'm going to look for another job ______ I don't get a promotion this year.
a) although b) unless c) if d) when
_______ you can speak clearly, you won't be able to handle phone calls.
a) Unless b) Although c) When d) If
__________he has great language skills, he's very quiet all the time.
a) Although b) Unless c) When d) If
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