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Standard 8: Teacher creates a ___________ environment.
a) Student centered b) Unengaging c) Boring d) Teacher centered
Standard 8: Students should be
a) Unengaged b) Bored c) Dependent d) Self directed
Which of the following are not performance indicators for standard 8?
a) Maximizes instructional time b) Encourages creative thinking c) Communicates high expectiations d) Long transition time
Standard 8: Research has found that an effective teacher
a) Does not need good classroom management b) Adapts teaching to student learning styles c) Does not challenge students d) Has low expectations
Which word is key to an exemplary teacher according to the rubric?
a) Continually b) Doesn't c) Inconsistently d) Consistently
Standard 7 relates to
a) professioanalism b) self-assessment c) positive learning environment d) content knowledge
Which would not be part of a positive learning environment
a) well-managed b) disrespectful c) orderly d) safe
Standard 7: A classroom environment should be all of the following except
a) Unattractive b) Supportive c) Inviting d) Warm
Contemporary resarch has found that an effective teacher is also
a) Distracted b) Uncaring c) Closeminded d) An active listener
Which word is characteristic of a teacher who needs development
a) Continually b) Doesn't c) Inconsistantly d) Consistently
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