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1. John sailed west ___________ the Atlantic
a) Across b) c) d)
2. The __________ of KSA is about 25 million people
a) population b) c) d)
3. Every day I read a __________ story
a) different b) c) d)
4. My __________ are really noisy
a) neighbors b) c) d)
5. Many people __________ around the accident.
a) crowded b) c) d)
6. I\'m interested _________ music
a) in b) c) d)
7. Please write down your name, telephone number and ___________.
a) address b) c) d)
8. I asked a friend of mine to help me __________ to another house.
a) move b) c) d)
9. I had a ___________ day yesterday. I went to the sea and had a great time.
a) wonderful b) c) d)
10. Some people ___________ tomatoes in their gardens.
a) grow b) c) d)
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