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Where was Manuel de Falla born?
a) Spain b) Italy c) Mexico d) Greece
Who had settled in his area, many years ago?
a) Gypsies b) Ancient Greeks c) Ancient Romans d) Italians
From which ballet does The Ritual Fire Dance come?
a) Love, the Magician b) Love, The Musician c) Love d) Love, Love, Love
What is a ballet?
a) Story, set to music and danced b) Story c) Story, set to music and sung d) Story, set to music and danced and sung
What piece of music influenced The Ritual Fire Dance?
a) The Flight of the Bumblebee b) The Flight of the Concords c) Magic Fire Dance d) Dance of the Spirit of Fire
What strange creature features in this music?
a) ghost b) skeleton c) witch d) juggler
Who was worshipped in this music?
a) fire god b) flame god c) hot god d) burning god
To which period did Manuel de Falla belong?
a) Late Romantic b) Early Romantic c) Late Classical d) Early Classical
How did they decide to get rid of the strange creature in the Ritual Fire Dance?
a) made it dance into the fire b) set fire to it c) made a fire to frighten it away d) danced to frighten it away
To which country did Manuel de Falla move?
a) France b) Germany c) Mexico d) Spain
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