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definite shape and voleume
a) solid b) c) gas d) liquid
has volume no defininate shape
a) liquid b) c) d) gas
no definate shape or volume
a) gas b) viscosity c) liquid d) solid
a liquids resistance to flow
a) fast b) slow c) viscosity d) slick
melting is..
a) change from solid to liquid state b) c) liquid to gas d) gas to solid
what is freezing
a) liquid to gas b) c) d) liquid to solid
liquid to gas
a) vaporizationo b) c) condensation d) density
gas to liquid
a) coondensation b) c) d) density
mass of objecdt divided by volume
a) density b) c) watercycle d) condensation
a) b) blah c) blah d)
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