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The difference between velocity and speed is:
a) that speed is variable. b) that speed is measured in m/s/s. c) that velocity includes a direction. d) that velocity includes a magnitude.
A speedometer is primarily used to measure:
a) average speed b) instantaneous speed c) constant speed d) acceleration
What is the average speed of a car traveling 75 miles in 1.5 hours?
a) 112.5 mi / hr b) 112.5 mi c) 50 mi d) 50 mi / hr
How long does it take a car to travel 900 miles if it is going 65 mi / hr?
a) about 14 hours b) about 25 hours c) about 7 hours d) about 72 minutes
Which of the following does not control acceleration?
a) steering wheel b) brakes c) alternator d) gas pedal
How far will an object going 56 m/s travel in 3 minutes?
a) 168 m b) 18.6 m c) 4.6 m d) 10080 m
What is the acceleration of a car that goes from 0 to 60 mi/hr in 5.6 seconds?
a) 336 mi/hr/s b) 5.6 mi/hr/s c) 10.7 mi/hr/s d) 10.7 m/s/s
When studying an object's motion it is important to use a(n):
a) speed trap b) reference point c) ruler d) triangular capacitor
What was the initial velocity of a car accelerating at 7m/s/s for 4 seconds if its final speed is 98 m/s?
a) 7 m/s b) 70 m/s c) 24.5 m/s d) 14 m/s
A ball is thrown straight up into the air with a speed of 3 m/s. How long will it take the ball to come back down?
a) 3 seconds b) 10 seconds c) 6 seconds d) 30 seconds
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