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What was a major turning point in the American Revolution
a) The Battle of Yorktown b) The Battle of Boston c) The Battle of Albany d) The Battle of Saratoga
The Land Ordinance of 1785 set up a system for settling in
a) Alaska b) The Northwest Territory c) Texas d) The Southwest Territory
The Northwest Ordinance provided a way to
a) admit new states b) travel west c) build railroads d) free slaves
All of the following are elected EXCEPT
a) Representative b) Senator c) President d) Supreme Court Justice
The House of Representatives and the Senate make up the
a) Executive Branch b) Tree Branch c) Legislative Branch d) Judicial Branch
All laws start as proposals called
a) Congress b) bills c) amendments d) juries
The job of the Executive Branch is to
a) make laws b) carry out laws c) create laws d) define laws
Who has the power to declare war
a) Congress b) President c) Senate d) Supreme Court
a) throw out b) ignore c) bring charges of serious wrongdoing against the President d) elect
Who can declare a law unconstitutional
a) Supreme Court b) Congress c) President d) Vice-President
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