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Lupus, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease
a) Autoimmune diseases b) Cancer c) Blood diseases d) Heart diseases
Heart attack, high blood preasure, angina
a) Heart diseases b) Bacterial diseases c) Sexually transmitted diseases d) Blood diseases
Goiters, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism
a) Thyroid diseases b) Sexually transmitted diseases c) Viral diseases d) Blood deseases
Salmonellosis, pneumonia, meningitis
a) Bacterial infections b) Digestive diseases c) Blood diseases d) Viral diseases
Gonorrhea, human papillomavirus, AIDS
a) Sexually transmited diseases b) Digestive diseases c) Autoimmune diseases d) Heart diseases
Cold, chickenpox, stomachal flu
a) Bacterial infections b) Thyroid diseases c) Cancer d) Digestive diseases
Leukemia, lymphoma, melanoma
a) Cancer b) Heart diseases c) Blood diseases d) Bacterial diseases
Alzheimer’s, Huntintong’s, Parkinson’s
a) Degenerative diseases b) Digestive diseases c) Thyroid diseases d) Sexually transmitted diseases
Appendicitis, celiac disease, diarrhea
a) Digestive diseases b) Heart diseases c) Autoimmune diseases d) Bacterial diseases
Anemia, bacteremia, septicemia
a) Blood diseases b) Viral diseases c) Digestive diseases d) Autoimmune diseases
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