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Sponges have
a) a coelom b) tentacles c) specialized d) bilateral symmetry
Sponges are considered
a) pseudocoelomic b) coelomic c) acoelomic d) unicellular
Coral and sea anemones are both
a) sponges b) flatworms c) cnidarians d) roundworms
Which multicellular invertebrate uses tentacles with stinging cells to capture prey?
a) jellyfish b) sponages c) tapeworms d) heart worms
Flatworms and roundworms both
a) have a coelom b) are symmetrical c) can be parasitic d) live in intestines
Roundworms are pseudocoelomic. This means that they have
a) organs, but no true body cavity b) a true body cavity, but no organs c) both organs and a true body cavity d) neither organs nore a true body cavity
A characteristic of most mollusks is
a) an endoskeleton b) a two-part body plan c) the absence of a body cavity d) bilateral symmetry
Which of the follwing mollusks is considered a gastropod?
a) snails b) octopi c) clams d) squids
Snails are not considered
a) mollusks b) autorophs c) gastropods d) multicellular
The eathwrom's nephridia filter out wastes. Which human organs have a similar function?
a) eyes b) kidneys c) heart and lungs d) mouth and anus
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