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This protected Egypt from invasion
a) Mediterranean Sea b) Red Sea c) Nile River d) Sahara Desert
Which direction does the Nile flow?
a) North b) West c) East d) South
Egyptian pharaohs ruled with
a) democratic ideas b) aristocrats c) absolute power d) senators as assistants
How did Egyptians demonstrate their belief in the afterlife?
a) Believing in one god b) Raising healthy children c) Mummifying their dead d) Becoming famous warriors
Menes's greatest achievement
a) Uniting Upper and Lower Eygpt b) Trading on the Mediterranean Sea c) Conquering Nubia d) Building pyramids
For most of its history, ancient Egyptian religion was
a) Monotheistic b) Based only on male gods c) Not important to Egyptians d) Polytheistic
To keep track of records, Egyptians used
a) Cuneiform b) Hieroglyphs c) Calligraphy d) Greek alphabet
King Tut was important because
a) his sarcophagus was beautiful b) his cartouche protected his name forever c) his tomb held many treasures d) he wore Osiris\'s mask
How did historians translate hieroglyphic writing?
a) Rosetta Stone b) Papyrus c) Tombs of Ur d) Great Pyramid
What did Egyptians believe about the west bank of the Nile?
a) It belonged to Pharaoh. b) It was the land of the dead. c) Only bandits lived there. d) It was the best place to grow crops.
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