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a) dog b) grasshopper c) mouse d) snake
number of characteristics of mammals from your notes
a) 3 b) 5 c) 7 d) 9
Which is a tertiary consumer?
a) robin b) wolf c) mouse d) capybara
Which is a decomposer?
a) mushroom b) vulture c) turkey buzzard d)
Which frogs make sounds?
a) males b) females c) d)
A hagfish is an example of what type of fish?
a) bony fish b) cartilaginous fish c) jawless fish d)
Skates are examples of what type of fish?
a) cartilaginous fish b) jawless fish c) bony fish d)
_____ look like lizards.
a) snakes b) tuataras c) caecilians d)
Echinoderms have mouths that face
a) downward b) sideways c) forward d)
The largest class of echinoderms is
a) brittle stars b) sea urchins c) starfish d)
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