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What is a choice we have for being human?
a) All of these are b) What we have c) What we do d) Who we are
Employers tend to hire someone that is the most qualified for the job.
a) False b) True c) d)
One of the most powerful ways to tap the hidden job market is to develop your network.
a) True b) False c) d)
It is necessary to build your resume from a skills perspective.
a) True b) False c) d)
It is not important to tailor a cover letter to a specific person or company, as most of the information they want to know about you they will ask in the interview.
a) False b) True c) d)
During the interview you should
a) arrive early b) leave the briefcase at home. c) talk about how they did things at your old job. d) avoid making eye contact.
Technical skills help people get hired. The lack of transferable skills can get people fired.
a) True b) False c) d)
The great thing about internships is that
a) they blend classroom learning with on the job experience. b) you get paid at the same rate as regular employees. c) they are the easiest jobs you will ever do. d) they are over quickly
A career counselor is someone who prepares a resume for you.
a) False b) True c) d)
What’s the best approach to career planning?
a) Thinking of a career as a creation b) Thinking of a career as a discovery c) Thinking of a career as a luxury d) All of these
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