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Settlement houses were created because of increasing —
a) immigrant populations b) urban employment c) educational opportunities d) government regulation
During Reconstruction, a carpetbagger was a Northerner who —
a) moved South for factory jobs b) enforced African-American rights c) taught in African-American schools d) took advantage of Southern hardships
Jane Addams is most recognized for her work with —
a) large corporations b) labor unions c) political machines d) settlement houses
Which African American believed that equality could be achieved through vocational education?
a) Jacob Lawrence b) Martin Luther King Jr. c) W.E.B. DuBois d) Booker T. Washington
President Abraham Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction included —
a) placing Southern leaders in government prisons b) allowing Southern states back into the Union c) taxing Southern states for Union damages d) allowing Southern citizens to vote on slavery
Which of these had the greatest impact on American farm life in the late 1800's?
a) New inventions b) Loss of labor c) Climate changes d) Loss of land
The growth of organized crime during the 1920s is most closely related to the-
a) collapse of the stock market b) rise of labor unions c) laws against making alcohol d) increase in unemployed workers
At the end of World War I, President Woodrow Wilson proposed the establishment of the —
a) United Nations b) League of Nations c) American Federation of Labor d) North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Political and economic ties to which country led to United States involvement in WWI?
a) France b) Germany c) Great Britain d) Austri-Hungary
The liberation of Western Europe began with the D-Day invasion of —
a) Sicily b) Poland c) Stalingrad d) Normandy
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