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The act of disobeying the law to promote change
a) dissent b) segregation c) Civil Disobedience d)
Last name of the author of the essay on Civil Disobedience
a) Thoreau b) King c) Merry d)
Last name of the author of "Letter From a Birmingham Jail"
a) King b) Thoreau c) Merry d)
To disrupt a business by your refusal to leave
a) sit-in b) segregation c) civil rights d)
To disagree
a) dissent b) King c) Thoreau d)
To not purchase a product to persuade the producer to change policy
a) segregation b) boycott c) civil rights d)
Rights guaranteed to all Americans
a) civil rights b) popular sovereignty c) checks and balances d)
To formally object to a government policy
a) boycott b) legislative branch c) judicial branch d)
a) segragation b) integration c) civil rights d)
Favorite class this semester
a) civics b) English c) Algebra d)
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