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One branch of government can stop the others from abusing their powers
a) separation of powers b) checks and balances c) enforces laws d)
Executive Branch
a) enforces laws b) interprets laws c) makes laws d)
The People Rule
a) separation of powers b) popular sovereignty c) ratify d)
Three Branches of Government
a) Federalsim b) Checks and Balances c) Separation of Powers d)
One state must recognize the legal documents from other states
a) Full Faith and Credit b) separation of Powers c) Checks and Balances d)
Different levels of government
a) Federalism b) Executive Branch c) Judicial Branch d)
Interprets laws
a) Legislative Branch b) Executive Branch c) Judicial branch d)
To change the Consitution
a) amend b) ratify c) enforce d)
Approve changes
a) federalsim b) supremacy c) ratify d)
Different levels of government
a) federalism b) supremacy c) amend d)
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