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Geographic area that contains a specific number of voters
a) Precinct b) incumbent c) d)
List of candidates on which you vote
a) Ballot b) initiative c) d)
One that allows a person to vote without going to the polls on Election Day
a) Absentee Ballot b) political action committee c) d)
Lack of interest
a) apathy b) incumbent c) d)
A procedure by which citizens can propose new laws or state constitutional amendments
a) Initiative b) apathy c) d)
A position asking for a new law
a) Proposition b) initiative c) d)
Certain ideas that may involve misleading messages designed to manipulate people
a) Propaganda b) ballot c) d)
Political organization established by a corporation, labor union, or other specific interest group designed to support candidates by contributing money
a) Political Action Committee b) incumbent c) d)
A politician who has already been elected to office
a) Incumbent b) Thoreau c) d)
Best civics teacher at Ramsey
a) Merry b) c) d)
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